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Album Review: Lock & Key – Peaceless

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There’s something so refreshing about listening to a band you’ve never heard before. There are no expectations, no preconceptions – just fresh ears experiencing a new sound. That’s what Friday evening was like for me.

Having never heard of Lock & Key before, I was excited to get in my car with the debut album from this UK-based metallic melodic hardcore band. The first song, “Hostile”, started up and I was instantly transported to an epic show. I could imagine people head banging, a mosh pit breaking out almost instantaneously and the crowd going absolutely crazy.

After 12 months of hard work from the boys, Peaceless was released on Friday, 8 April 2016 and had unsurprisingly reached #9 on the iTunes Metal Charts before the day was even done. There is an aggressive theme to this album which you can pick up in the lyrics as well as in Lardner’s voice itself. Every time he opens his mouth you can feel his rage come out. The songs are structured so well that each track seamlessly flows into the next one. The band is incredibly tight and the amount of energy Murphy puts into his drumming is felt throughout all 11 songs on the Peaceless album. This definitely isn’t one of those albums where you can just put it on quietly in the background while taking a Sunday drive. It’s perfect for the end of a frustrating week, played at full volume (or as loud as your ears can handle).

While Lock & Key doesn’t exactly offer the most innovative sound, their music is still a good listen. These boys are big fans of blast beats and breakdowns and they do it incredibly well. If that is your deal then you will definitely enjoy listening to them. In fact, even if breakdowns aren’t your deal but you’re still into the more metalcore side of music you should enjoy this album.

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